Green Living with urban lifestyle is no more a myth for tranquility mongers. The urban dwellers of Dhaka city are always dreaming for living accommodations accompanied by garden with plants, open spaces for wander, trees for oxygen and lakes for boating & fishing.

A place belonging magic touch of green-living in an environment friendly community with complementary fresh & clean breathing air accompanied by caring & sharing neighbors throughout the year, is a dream coming true by the grace of heavenly initiative called Purbachal Prime City.

Unveiling the imaginations of urban dwellers and introducing the eco-friendly environment, Purbachal Prime City was developed with significant & dynamic aspects of green architecture which was meticulously planned and perfectly designed. 

The Best Brand of Living was flawlessly designed for the cream de la cream of societies finest. The architecture here is in creating spaces that interrelates, provokes and titillate the green senses. With the casual open layout, every composition of the architectural design exudes eminent and distinguished elegance.  

Reviving The Living Standards, offers of Purbachal Prime City incorporates all the best valued living elements that necessitates for your daily life style. It has sufficiently designed all the utility installations and eco-friendly sewerage system to make sure healthy and environment friendly living.    

Gated & Guarded Community Measures of Protecting Lives with the advantages of modern security systems such as perimeter fencing with constant round-the-clock safeguard.

A data entry system is provided for visitor’s to track visiting time & date, ensuring the availability of 24X7 hours security surveillance on the premises. So feeling safe and secure is no longer an option.

Why Choseè Purbachal Prime City

  • A unique project having a pure and natural greeneries and landscape.
  • Location of Purbachal Prime City & RAJUK's Purbachal New Town is side by side, just beside Dhaka-Sylhet highway road, consuming only 30 minutes’ drive from Dhaka City.
  • Purbachal Prime City will avail & enjoy all facilities of Govt.’s project ' Purbachal New Town'
  • A number of Professional Engineers, Town Planners, Architects and Environmentalists formed a team to design the well-organized layout plan of Purbachal Prime City.   
  • The Purbachal Prime City is free from & away of Dhaka-City-Air-pollution caused by crippling traffic jams.
  • A tremendous investment opportunity maximizing profit 300% on land purchase value within next 5 years.
  • To make Environment Friendly Project, 30%of total land will be reserved for Ecological Balance Greeneries, Lakes and Open Spaces etc.

Purbachal Prime city At a GLANCE:

Total Proposed land Area    #     6835 Bigha
Total Number of Sectors    #     13
Total Number of Plots    #       11,995
Purchase Status    #       Started
Plot Area    #       70% of Total Land
Facilities    #        30 % of Total Land
Standard Plot Size    #       3, 4, 5, 7.5 & 10 Katha 
Width of Roads  #       100, 60, 40, 30 & 25 Feet's.
Earth Filling    #       Whenever required and as per handover schedule
Hand Over Schedule    #     Handover on or before 7 years’ time.
VAT    #       3% of the total value of the Plot.

Accommodation of    Common Facilities   #                                         

 1    Common Area 

8    Police Station

14    Food Hub 

 2    Mosque   

9    Fire Station 

15    Super Shop 

 3    Commercial Area   

10  Convention Hall 

17    Graveyard

 4    Waste Disposal Point 

11  Hospital 

18    Water Plant

 5    Shopping Mall   

12  Lake   

19    Town Cente

 6    Park 

13  College 

20    Power Station

 7    Temple 

14  School


Registration & Mutation    #      Will be borne by the Allottee, as per prevailing cost of the prime asset group possession

Utility Expenditure    #
        1    Electricity    4    Security Maintains    7    Boundary wall (optional)*
        2    Water          5    Society fund        *Amount will be borne by the allottee as per the prevailing cost of Prime Asset Group at the time of possession 


Every facilities under Purbachal Prime City will be dedicated to the citizens of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. All the facilities mention below are International standard.

  • Several Mosques
  • Bangla and English Medium Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Medical Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals    
  • Clinics    
  • Modern Shopping Malls
  • Banks    
  • Insurances    
  • community Centers
  • Playground for recreations
  • Parks    
  • Clubs    
  • Amusement Parks    
  • Water Parks    
  • Gymnasium    
  • Convention Centre
  • Lake in residential zone
  • Filling Stations
  • Common Parking
  • Restaurants    
  • Trade Centers    
  • Eidgah    
  • Graveyard
  • Hotels


Purbachal Prime City will provide every Modern-City-Life infrastructural Facilities to its inhabitants. As per Government’s Regulations towards the Land Development sector the following infrastructure must be provided:





Post office

Sewerage Line

Fire Service

Police Station / Fari


As per customer requirements Purbachal Prime City knocked every-level-requirements of satisfaction and made the plot more diversified in sizes.  Plots are allocated as accordingly:












Purbachal Prime City highly evaluated the necessity of internal roads netted through project and segmented accordingly required. Under mentioned effort, the prudential parameter of the road are widen as below:












  • 3/4/5/7.5/10 Katha Plot
  • South Faching
  • 24 hours Security
  • Own Power Station
  • Amusement park
  • South Faching
  • Green city

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